Drapery Cleaning Services Provided In Your Home Or Office

drapery cleaningAs dust and dirt settle on your furniture, it also does on your drapes. Regular cleaning of your drapes will increase the life and looks of drapery, keeping your entire room looking bright and clean and creating a healthier living environment.

 What we do ……..

 Step 1: Complete Inspection First. We will identify any conditions that are present and could cause cleaning challenges such as stains or sunlight damage. We will make you aware of these obstacles in our evaluation and let you know what kind of results you can expect.

Step 2: Vacuum any dust and dry soil to ensure complete removal before the application of any cleaning solutions on your drapes.

Step 3: Our cleaning technicians will then use specially treated sponges to remove any soil from your drapes. These sponges are treated with either dry-cleaning solvents or proper water-based cleaning agents specifically designed to be used on your type of fabric.

Step 4: Post-inspection of your drapes to ensure all spots, stains, and soiling is removed as best as possible.

Alec’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning LLC provides their technicians with the training and expert techniques for cleaning your drapery that is superior to our peers.

Draperies are usually made from sensitive fabrics that need special care. Many varieties of fabric may shrink or lose their shape by improper cleaning techniques.  You can trust your drapery cleaning with us whether they are made of silk, linen, cotton, or any fabric.