Carpet Cleaning Services In Greater Boston Area & Cape Cod

Carpet CleaningYour carpets not only provide your home with comfort and beauty but also provides a variety of functions. It improves the aesthetic value and filters your air. Carpets act as a filter, purifying the air in a room much like the central heating and cooling system you have in your home. It works by trapping accumulated contaminants like pollen, soil, dust, food particles, animal hair, and dust mites from circulating into the air.
Your carpets will eventually reach a maximum saturation level and will start to release the trapped particles which will now contaminate the air. That’s why it becomes important to hire an expert carpet cleaner like Alec’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning to extract all the accumulated contaminants and restore both the beauty and health of the carpet. 

Alec’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning uses a hot water extraction process to clean your carpets. This method is often called "Steam Cleaning." This is the preferred method nearly all major carpet manufacturers and carpet fiber producers recommend. Our cleaning agents are customized for each job since each home may have a variety of fiber types and conditions such as a Boston carpet cleaning job could have a high level of soot where carpet in the suburbs will have more pollen.

With the many different types of carpeting made today, it’s important to use a knowledgeable carpet cleaning company. Throughout the years, Alec’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning has worked hand in hand with some of the top interior designers and rug suppliers exposing us to some of the latest trends in carpets which include the combination of fibers used together as well as different weaves or structures of carpets. Whether it is a rug made of wool, silk, or a blend of wool and silk, wool and linen or a custom-made border rug made from Wilton weaves, or just a wall-to-wall carpet made of synthetic fibers, we can care for them all. We take great pride in our work and it shows. 

We have the state-of-the-art cleaning facility, we built over 35 years ago for the sole purpose of running our Boston carpet cleaning business and handling all the unique challenges given to us.  Some area rugs require special attention due to fringes or even require blocking to maintain their original shape or to prevent buckling such as a border rug or needlepoint. Our carpet cleaning technicians will determine the best cleaning techniques and method that suits your rug's particular weave, fibers, and dyes to produce the best results and to extend the life of your rugs.  Our technicians are specially trained in giving your carpets the special care that they deserve.

Eventually, even the best-kept rugs begin to show signs of everyday wear and tear. However, with our superior care and attention to cleaning and preservation, we will ensure that your rug looks its best for as long as possible, protecting your investment

Alec’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning offers professional services that will leave behind a carpet that is visibly cleaner, fresher smelling, and a lot healthier.  Call us now to get your carpets thoroughly and professionally cleaned and see why we are considered the premiere Boston carpet cleaning company.